We are a proactive and positive parents' group committed to driving meaningful change within the educational system in Northern Ireland (NI).

Our primary focus is to foster inclusivity and ensure that every child and family feels a sense of belonging and acceptance within our schools. While our vision will extend beyond religious considerations, we recognise that addressing religious aspects is the most crucial aspect in achieving our ultimate goal.

Our long-term mission is to make schools in NI inclusive for all families, celebrating diversity and providing an environment where every child can thrive.

To achieve this, we have set the following short-term goals:

  1. Empowering parents: We aim to support parents in effectively communicating with their schools regarding Religious Education (RE) and Collective Worship (CW) practices. By promoting open dialogue, we strive to ensure that parents have a comprehensive understanding of how RE and CW are conducted within their school, allowing them to make informed decisions within their rights.
  2. Encouraging alternatives to RE and CW:

    We encourage schools to elevate their efforts in providing objective, critical and pluralistic RE that embraces all major world religions and non-religious worldviews, and to provide suitable alternatives to those who wish to opt-out of RE or Collective Worship, whilst ensuring that children aren’t stigmatised or deprived of other opportunities the school affords.

  3. Seeking common ground: We actively seek to engage parents from both religious and non-religious backgrounds in constructive dialogue. Our goal is to collaborate on finding ways to deliver more appropriate forms of RE, moving away from exclusive Christian instruction. By fostering understanding and cooperation, we can develop a more inclusive approach to religious education that respects and represents the beliefs of all families.
  4. Building a supportive network: We are committed to creating a framework that offers support and connection for like-minded parents. Through this network, parents can find solidarity, share experiences, and collaborate in advocating for inclusive education not only within their own schools but across NI as a whole. Together, we can amplify our voices and drive positive change.

By working towards these goals, we aim to transform the educational landscape in NI, creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where every child can flourish and feel celebrated, regardless of their background or beliefs.