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We want schools in NI to be inclusive for all families, celebrating diversity and providing an environment where every child can thrive.

In order to get there we are:

Informing parents.

Support parents in communicating with their schools about how Religious Education (RE) and Collective Worship (CW) are done, as well as the alternative options available by law.

Supporting schools.

Encouraging schools to elevate their efforts in providing objective, critical and pluralistic RE, and suitable alternatives to CW, finding common ground with parents of religious and non religious backgrounds..

Connecting families.

Creating a framework for like minded parents to feel supported and connected while advocating for a more inclusive education in their schools and the whole of Northern Ireland.

You can be part of it by:

Joining our Facebook Group - say hello and start using the page for support or sharing resources that have been useful for you.

Joining the newsletter - we use it to pass relevant information, events and keep you in the loop of what we are doing. No spam - we promise!

Joining the PfIE whatsapp group of your school (or start one!) to get organised and supported. You can also ask to join the NI/ broad one.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to shape the future of education in Northern Ireland and create an inclusive and respectful environment for all children, regardless of their religion. Together, we can build a community that stands up for change and advocates for an education system that celebrates diversity, fosters respect, and embraces every child's unique potential.

We invite you to join our vibrant and dedicated community of parents who are committed to transforming the education landscape.

Spread the word and share this website with everyone who believes in a more inclusive future for Northern Ireland's children. Together, we can turn our vision into a reality.

Thank you for your support!

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